Web Design/Dev
Once all existing websites that I am developing are completed I will be discontinuing Web Design/Development Services by Tensioncore™ as it takes too much time away from building the rest of the company and I do not have any staff at this time. Perhaps in the future once I get the new website up I may hire a web developer.

UPDATE (02/02/2015):
I've got an excellent problem to have; I have several website development projects along with some Advertisement Design and Tech-support jobs going on right now, and therefore I wont have time or the resources to update Tensioncore.com until probably sometime in early March.

First Notice (11/25/2014):
Tensioncore is going through some excellent changes and we are working to present a new and better tensioncore.com!

Along with a new and better website we are working to create new and better web hosting, like no-one has ever seen before, so check back often to see whats new!

While I work to bring you a new Tensioncore.com Please don't hesitate to call me for:

Ultimate Web Hosting

  • $100/year
  • 5GB storage
  • 20GB Bandwidth
  • 1GB Database
  • FTP/Email/DNS/Domain
  • ...and the list goes on

Nick (250) 256 - 9216

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