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Expertly crafted in-house.
Tensioncore™ runs server hardware in-office instead of reselling BigDaddys hosting. Along with reducing the cost to you this also means there's always someone around taking care of the server room, ensuring optimal up-time.
Lillooet, BC.
Tensioncore™ has found home in Lillooet with its beautiful mountain vistas, abundance of internet connectivity and an adept small town community.
Think of it as being home-made
Tensioncore™ has been established in Lillooet for over a year.

Robust, Adaptable & Reliable Web Hosting.

Your success makes us happy!
Tensioncore™ provides Windows web hosting on it's in-house designed and built ServerBox, encompassing all services required for a robust, and reliable web hosting experience.

Adaptability makes Tensioncore™ web hosting stand-out. Working on a cutting edge online project, but your language isn't supported? Not to worry, we will make every reasonable effort to accommodate you so you can succeed!

Website Design/Development services include 1 year of The Ultimate Hosting package at no extra charge.

Tensioncore™ is also a Domain Registrar, Software Developer and Email provider. These services are currently undergoing upgrades to be included in an all new Tensioncore™ Account Management Portal - a well-rounded way to build your web presence on a solid foundation with access to everything you need.

- Follow @tensioncore on twitter for the absolute up to the minute news - Tensioncore.com will be updated soon with all the juicy new details.

Tensioncore™ Administration Services runs a server room with highly capable web servers, email servers, DNS servers, database servers, UPS and climate control. The Ultimate Hosting is delivered by an optimized Windows Shared Hosting configuration, ensuring that all websites are served equally.

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