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Home-made in Lillooet.
Tensioncore™ runs server hardware in-office instead of reselling BigDaddys hosting. Along with reducing the cost to you this also means you have IT expertise at your disposal because someone's got to take care of all the servers! - Nick
Meet Nick!
I'm your go-to IT guy, an entrepreneur and your designer and developer for nearly every need - I am an expert at bringing ideas to life. A short meeting with me should get just about any dream, idea or concept into reality and I'll probably draw you a picture before we're done...yes, seriously.
BlackBerry® 10 apps developed!
I have all the hardware required to develop awesome BlackBerry® apps, even for phones that aren't out yet!
Everything is home-made.
This is the man.
Tensioncore™ makes successful BlackBerry® 10 apps!
A personal approach to web design makes your website unique!

Explore the possibilities!

Whether you are a small business person, a musician, an actor, the owner of a large company or even just a regular person I can provide services of all types to help you complete your next big marketing campaign, website, app idea or just design you a business card.

From app development to corporate brand development, if you can dream it, I'm certain I can do it!

Lillooet is where my home is and although it is remote, no matter where you are, no one is too far away for us to work together. Feel free to contact me for more information or if you have any questions.

The Ultimate Hosting Package

I developed the Ultimate Hosting Package as an All-in-1 web hosting solution for practically anyone with a website, and my servers are always on with over 97% uptime in almost 4 years!

Every website I design comes with 1 year of The Ultimate Hosting included so your website will have a home from day 1!

Order The Ultimate Hosting package now!

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